'Kemega Maya' Arts was established in 1999 aiming to provide an online shop for our antique swords and weapons store, previously based in the heart of the Malay Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar, Perak State of Peninsula Malaysia, at the reknown famous Lembah Kuala Antique Market where the locals traded for hundreds of years.

Selling at select Antiques and Arms Fairs as well as online, we offer the collector and dealer a range of fine historic weapons including antique swords, collectible knives and daggers, antique spears, polearms, arms & armours and other items relating to the militaria market.

All of the swords, weapons and items offered within these pages are antique. We take a pride in offering good quality antique pieces to collectors, if there is an item you are looking for do let us know and we will try and help source it for you.

We also specialise in selling fine quality Indo-Malay and Islamic swords. Our items are carefully selected for the enthusiast and quality and rarity are of utmost importance for the pieces we offer. Our shop offers antique weapons from all around the Malay Archipelago from Keris and Klewangs from Indonesia of Javanese and Minangkabaus, Golok, Sundang and weaponries from the Moros, Pattani and Straits Selatis swords from the 'Asean' South East Asia, Dayak Mandau swords from Borneo to Bugis and Riau Lingga Islands.

We hold a specific interest in Early Malay swords and weapons and we are always interested in purchasing good examples from this region, and all other antique swords and weapons related during early crisis with the West.

In our service we are able to accept payments via inter-banking in Malaysia local Banks. Please contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer or have enquiries about any other payment methods.

Name : Megat Ainuddin Bin Megat Mohd. Nordin

Bank : Bank Simpanan Nasional BSN (Malaysia)

Account No.: 141254 10000 59013

Warmest Welcome to the Malay 'Kemega Maya' Arts - 2013 !


My humble intr0duction from the Malay Silat Heritage 0f Ibni Daulat Pagar Ruyung Istana Palace

Salam99 s0lawat33 - Istiadat Pewaris Penjurit-Kepetangan Melayu IPPM
Formelly known - Ilmu Persilatan Penjurit-Kepetangan Melayu IPPM

Monday, 21 January 2013

Keris 0f Kerises in Nusantara

The presentation 0f Malay Kerises courtesy from the disciples 0f Ibni Daulat Ragar Ruyung Hulubalang Istana Palace. The Silat rekn0wn as Istiadat Pewaris Penjurit Kepetangan Melayu IPPM formerly kn0wn Ilmu Persilatan Penjurit Kepetangan Melayu IPPM.

F0r display 0nly.

Silat Wellness & Health Manual Book

This 2013 is the year f0r 2nd. printing 0f these books, please refer t0 : www.ameeneducare.com.my - f0r these books title and facebook t00. The 1st Malay s0mewhat Y0ga and Taichi wellness manual. Maybe this Malay Silat and massage will be printing s00n this year if everything g0es well with the Publisher.

Golok Banten

A unique design from the Northern Javanese province Banten near the capitol town Kota Serang. Made by the l0cals nelayan fisherman fr0m drifted wood c0mm0nly f0und along the l0ng r0cky c0astland beaches. The simple carvings are purp0sely features its ergon0mic handling and its praticality to be used while sailing on their sampan  perahu b0ats in between islands 0f Java and the Sumatera 0f the Malay Archipelago.

Offer sale price : RM 880.00 0nly.

Collectors Silat Comic Magazines

Early 90's limited collections of Graphic Comics 0f Malay Martial Arts-Silat, Keris and Cultural; A very rare collect0r's item and c0ncepts indeed including, illustrations and ph0t0graphic c0mic.

Limited st0ck 0nly; sale price : RM 330.00 each.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sacred Jungle Tree Woods Rings

Only few Old rings from Pulau Besar, Pulau Sembilan9, Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tioman collections for sale "mahar" 0ffer here; including sacred c0mbinati0n-woods rings cincin kayu teras of the Malay Peninsula. Variety 0f designs and wood combinations t0 ch00se from. These jungle trees 0f vari0us species are treasures that were f0rmed 0n earth millions 0f years ag0 esp. here in the Malay Archipelago.

Sale Prices are from RM 132.00 - 633.00 0nly

Old Parang Jeng0k / Chand0ng-Kelewang 0f Pattani, Old Malay Kingd0m

Old Parang Jengok 0f Pattani – A rare form of broad sword 0r parang from the northern Malaysian Peninsular region called the parang chand0ng-Kelewang or als0 parang ginah. Handle is usually made 0f hard and dark Gegalas Kayu Paya Laut  wood and has a stupa-like tip reflecting the 0ld Malay Kingdom 0f Langkasuka with plain brass bands. A long and very sturdy blade with a thick base and a very arcing profile and a pointy tip decorated curvature design f0rm; These are the uniqness features typical for this parang jengok looks and design. The blade is pattern folded sheet welded, but not using contrasting irons / metals which is the norm and c0mm0nly used by the Malay pandai-besi 0r Black Smith practice and heirloom cultural tradition 0n the Keris forging pr0cessess and fine metal making.

F0r Sale "Mahar" 0ffer : RM 3,300.00  ono.

Old warriors of Arabian Sultanate Jambiah from Hadrulmaut

The Arabian Jambiyah- Jambiah is a proud owner of a Malay warrior descendents in the village called Pasir Salak of Perak State in Peninsular Malaysia. The hilt is well carved of Antelope horn and Persian wood type with a screw and bolt design to the blade of the handle. The deeply sharp curved blade represent a pronounced medial ridge to both sides straight to the full sharp needle point curved of this blade. The blade is  made solid and finely crafted type of typical Arabian Hadramaut profile carbon steel iron. It shows fine somewhat  watered patterning throughout all blade surfaces till the upper in a single thick fuller. Both sheath and hilt are decorated with silver plates fixed with geometric and floral rosettes. It is finished in a fine decorative silver belt chain wear on the sheath for interlocking design device to the blade handle. 
A fine collection of the Arabian Traders during the Ottoman Empire 15th Century. 

Not for Sale; Display Only.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Old Golok of Pasir Salak; Perak State

MALAY GOLOK MACHETE A pair of Malaysian Golok single edged blade machete with wood carved hilt and scabbard. Made of finest jungle wood of Selama tree based trunk, Kept by the 0wner nearly 50 years. A proud heritage of Perak State in Malaysia Peninsular truly a rare collections and  wood grains of traditional uniqueness detailed carving beauty to behold.

                                         0ffer "mahar" sales for a pair : RM 2,800.00 ono.

Keris Majlis Pusaka Bukit Gantang di tempa dari Istana Pagar Ruyung

Keris Lurus Sempena Semenanjung Sang Sanjungan 9thCentury

A unique 0f the 0ld and a very g00d and rather rare example of a slim-straight Keris from the Malay Peninsular regi0n. Approximately during the Medieval peri0d of the Malay Kingdom. Well carved wood handle 0f s0mewhat Pertapa or meditation figured form; It is made from kayu teras Gerhana Semalam w00d, having a raw like crude metal ferrule or pend0k0h. Top sheath, or sampir in Malay, is made in the seri bulan or a half-crescent m00n form from well selected Merbau Kerakau wood. Bottom stem is made of Berbilang wood with fine grains and stripes having a Seraya wood bottom tip. Long, slim and very sturdy iron 0re blade 0n well executed base features especially the grenengs or fretworks, has an overall shape or dap0r called anak kepalang ajar. Its shape is very similar to the executioner’s keris or keris panjang, and this resemblance attach it to status Majlis Adat-Istiadat ceremonial and traditional c0stume/cust0m wear.

Offer "mahar" Sales : RM 8,800.00 ono.