'Kemega Maya' Arts was established in 1999 aiming to provide an online shop for our antique swords and weapons store, previously based in the heart of the Malay Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar, Perak State of Peninsula Malaysia, at the reknown famous Lembah Kuala Antique Market where the locals traded for hundreds of years.

Selling at select Antiques and Arms Fairs as well as online, we offer the collector and dealer a range of fine historic weapons including antique swords, collectible knives and daggers, antique spears, polearms, arms & armours and other items relating to the militaria market.

All of the swords, weapons and items offered within these pages are antique. We take a pride in offering good quality antique pieces to collectors, if there is an item you are looking for do let us know and we will try and help source it for you.

We also specialise in selling fine quality Indo-Malay and Islamic swords. Our items are carefully selected for the enthusiast and quality and rarity are of utmost importance for the pieces we offer. Our shop offers antique weapons from all around the Malay Archipelago from Keris and Klewangs from Indonesia of Javanese and Minangkabaus, Golok, Sundang and weaponries from the Moros, Pattani and Straits Selatis swords from the 'Asean' South East Asia, Dayak Mandau swords from Borneo to Bugis and Riau Lingga Islands.

We hold a specific interest in Early Malay swords and weapons and we are always interested in purchasing good examples from this region, and all other antique swords and weapons related during early crisis with the West.

In our service we are able to accept payments via inter-banking in Malaysia local Banks. Please contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer or have enquiries about any other payment methods.

Name : Megat Ainuddin Bin Megat Mohd. Nordin

Bank : Bank Simpanan Nasional BSN (Malaysia)

Account No.: 141254 10000 59013

Warmest Welcome to the Malay 'Kemega Maya' Arts - 2013 !


My humble intr0duction from the Malay Silat Heritage 0f Ibni Daulat Pagar Ruyung Istana Palace

Salam99 s0lawat33 - Istiadat Pewaris Penjurit-Kepetangan Melayu IPPM
Formelly known - Ilmu Persilatan Penjurit-Kepetangan Melayu IPPM

Friday, 14 June 2013

2013 MALAYsian SILAT Training Camp
August 20-26, 2013 (dates are preliminary and subject to change)

Cost: $2,800.00 U.S. dollars only (price does not include airfare)
Reservations must be made no later than 1one month (30days) prior to camp.
Flight must be booked separately
Contact  : ainuddineo101@gmail.com  (Head) 
               insansirrullah@gmail.com    (Admin.) 

Package Includes:
- Chalet/ Resort or Homestay Accomodation in Malaysian State of Selangor Darul Ehsan
- Transportation to and from airport, domestic hotel etc., and Scheduled Events
- Meals provided (breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner)
- 4Four Days of Training: 5 hours per day (training will include instruction with Silat Penjurit instructors and with Guest Speakers in similar related Silat)
- 1 day jungle trekking/ training to the Knight warrior scared rock ' Batu Hampar Hulubalang' and river water training
- 1 day Field Training at Penjuritan Camp Site for Natural Enviroment experienced called "Anjung Kilau Jeram Charandong" situated at Kuala Kubu river
- 1 day entertainment/sightseeing around Kuala Kubu & Ulu Yam Areas (white rivers, natural hot springs, etc.)

Istiadat Pewaris Penjurit-Kepetangan Melayu IPPM*
Silat Penjurit of 'ilmu Penjuritan'- A Royale Palace Scared Silat Martial Art

This is an introductory Silat martial arts camp that features a variety of Silat Melayu Styles from around the Malay Archipelago mainly the Malay Peninsular. Campers will develop Jati Diri- self esteem, Waja Diri- physical wellness,  confidence, discipline and respect through their exploration of the Malay Silat martial arts Kingdom. This scared art is one of the ways that silat traditionally passed on. Ilmu Penjuritan also teaches physical, spiritual and mental skills focused on improving coordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness. Weekly activities of these Silat trees which includes other styles Silat Megat Terawis, Pulau Sembilan, Bagan Baginda Dato', Seri Minangkabau, Ibni Daulat Pagar Ruyung, Kota Lama and Tanah Ranah Tun Perak.

The result is a practical, easy-to-learn system and understanding that is ideally suited to the modern self-defense, wellness and lifestyle today.

Royale Silat Penjurit-Kepetangan Camp RSPC is an annual event designed to provide RSPC alumni and for the first-time overseas participants with the opportunity to learn and refine core RSPC and "Seni" Blade Concepts (SBC) skills in a highly focused format. It also allows participants to meet and train with other edged-weapon and self-defense enthusiasts while exploring the skills of Tuan Syed’s and Merlimau Mi's also other personal-defense systems that are rarely taught in these styles.

Attracting participants from all over the Asean and Asia, United States and many other countries, this event spans 5five calendar days and includes comprehensive instruction in RSPC applications and reflex training drills, instruction in SBC, and training in other selected empty-hand and weapon-based topics.  In addition, all participants receive a souvenir package valued at more than $330.00 that includes a commemorative knife and an printed souvenir collar T-shirt. Many thanks to generous contributions from camp/ local authorities sponsors, some lucky camp participants also walk away with hundreds of dollar$ worth of door prizes during the event.

An intense, immersion-based training event, Royale Silat of the Palace Knights' Camp is RSPC's premier training event and the best opportunity to develop highly functional skills and wellness understanding in the SBC curriculum in the shortest period of time possible.

1st Annual RSPC-IPPM* Camp Scheduled for August 2013:
RSPC Camp 2013 will be held 20-26 August 2013 at the Chalet/ Resort at selected Kalumpang-Kuala Kubu-Ulu Yam areas in a beautiful natural Rain Forest dense Jungle in Selangor Darul Ehsan State of Malaysia

This beautiful RSPC-rated 3three-star chalet/resort will provide RSPC campers with an enhanced level of Natural Surrounding comfort and provide the event with superior customer-service support.

For example the Kalumpang is one of the outer Kuala Kubu’s premier chalet/resort destinations and is located approx. 33 miles north of KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Offering you some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the Waterfalls and Mountains region, it is also home to a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities esp. the Chilling Waterfall of Kuala Kubu in Selangor DE State.

The camp begins with arrival and registration on Tuesday afternoon. After settling in, there is an orientation and initial training session on Tuesday evening. The training continues all day till Friday, including Saturday and Sunday from approximately 8:30AM to 7:00PM with regular breaks for rest and meals. Night sessions are fill with light activities.  The final training session is held on Tuesday morning and the camp officially concludes around noon. Campers are free to depart early if their travel schedules require.

The price for RSPC Camp 2013 is $2,800.00 per person and includes all of the following:

§  Full participation in all training (approximately 44 plus hours of training spread over five calendar days)
§  Deluxe local breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings
§  A RSPC Camp souvenir package including a commemorative traditional Malay knife, an printed collar shirt, and other collector’s items (to be determined)
§  Discounted lodging rate at any Kalumpang, Kuala Kubu and Ulu Yam Chalet/ Resort properties.


Unlike previous camps, It is an optional for RSPC Camp 2013 WILL NOT INCLUDE ASSIGNED LODGING if you prefered. Participants are required to make THEIR OWN lodging arrangements through Greater Kuala Kubu Chalet/Resort and might receive the special discounted rate associated with participation to the camp. However you are also required to make arrangements for your transportation to our selected Training Camp as scheduled.

This approach allows campers to have access to the full range of lodging options available at Greater Kuala Kubu Chalet/ Resort. It also allows participants to customize their lodging options to share rooms or condominiums with other campers and/or family members if desired. In this way, you can personalize your lodging and potentially achieve a significant cost savings by sharing lodging with other campers.

Please also note that lunch and dinner etc. meals are not included in this optional self assigned lodging package.

Kalumpang/Kuala Kubu/ Ulu Yam Chalet/ Resort

 – Malay Silat empty-handed and Counter-Blade Concepts Progressive Skills Seminar
Start Date/Time:
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (Malaysia, Brunei & Indonesia)
End Date/Time:
Monday, August 26, 2013 (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time 
Recurring Event : One time event
Importance : Normal Priority

In this unique 6six-day seminar, Megat A and his team mates will present progressive instruction in theirs dynamic approach to empty-hand and counter-weapon skills. Day 1one will focus on the critical skills of his Practical Unarmed Combatives/ Silat systems of unarmed fighting.

This highly efficient system uses a core set of easily-learned skills that can be used to defend against a broad range of common street attacks. It also includes the similarities from the fighting scences in Merantau, Raids’s Movies Pencak Silat simplified approach to fist-blow, joint-locks, grapplings and breaks— Padang Silat—and on methods of street-realistic groundfighting.

On day 2two, Megat A will provide detailed instruction is his acclaimed and Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of unarmed defenses against knife/blade attacks. In addition to learning practical defenses against both ballistic and static edged-weapon threats, students will learn how to adapt CBC methods to defend against other types of weapon attacks and how to use CBC as a foundation for the use of knives as weapons.

This progressive seminar assumes a reasonable degree of physical fitness and some familiarities from Merantau and Raid’s movies unarmed combatives system. Preparatory training will be available for those who need it. For more information, cost, and registration details, contact Megat A at:

KK Club  of Fitness, Physical Culture & Martial Arts
Taman Melawati.
Selangor DE, 53100
Malaysia,  HP- 016-330 1399

This year was the 3rd edition of our Southeast Asian Martial arts camp, now renamed by the students “The Kuala Kubu Camp”.

The Main focus of this camp has always been on MMA, Malay Martial Arts, with a bit of Pencak of Javanese style, to emphasize that fact that we are in Kuala Kubu, Malaysia, but 3 years ago, we started to add meditation and “personal development” conferences, as well as Acrobatics conditioning, which was very well received by the students. The 3 main instructors, Megat A, Tun Azmel, Merlimau Mi and myself were all trained at the “Megat Terawis Association" school of thought, with long experience in Personal growth, Malay diet & nutrition, health and spirituality; it was therefore very logical to make the switch from a very classic MMA camp, to… something proactive!

This year, this “something proactive” was pushed a bit farer than the other years, and it was just a life changing experience for those people from all over the world. From the first day, all students were asked to let go of their dependences and negative “lifestyle habits”. Even though not mandatory, I believe all students did it. Not so much meat, no alcohol, not to much coffee, no junk food, less smoking (of course!), no ego (during and after training), no online social media (be here and now), and discipline of positive attitude at all time hereafter.

In addition to the 5 daily hours of Silat with Pukulan and Pencak, training, students were trained in: Malay Meditation, Gi Gong, “fighting Taichi”, and the hard core physical conditioning of the Sumateran art of movement: "Bagadang" (Seni Apungan).

Training started as early at 7am for Malay Taichi & Gi Gong called " Setua Melayu", break for breakfast 45 min.  continue and finished around 11pm. No need to tell you that nobody went “for a drink” at the end of the day…

The Instructor team was made of qualified experienced Silat Exponents: Tengku Aswad Guru/ Ajar-ajar Muda; Merlimau Mi, founder of Seni style Empty Handed, Thundercat Pyan and direct student of late Knight Palace legend, the late GM Pendita Megat A Rauf - Ajar-ajar Tua Megat A;  (among others), Ajar-ajar Muda guru Tuan Syed, co-founder of IPPM style of weaponaries, and direct student of Ajar-ajar Muda Guru Wan D1 and Ajar-ajar Muda Guru Salleh ; 

THE Malay Palace Knight also specialist in Internal Malay martial arts and Pencak Silat, and myself, founder of the Royal Palace Silat Pagar Ruyung and direct student of Ajar-ajar Muda Guru Aizan, Kalam and  Ayub to name a few. All to provide deadly Silat physical (and mental) conditioning sessions.

Our common vision is to use the martial arts as a tool to develop a complete human being, humble, strong, healthy, fit, friendly and spiritual. A martial athlete, who would promote a healthy lifestyle, being a living example of what he/she preaches. A program to enhance our lifestyle & wellness. This is what our vision is for total result and purpose. This is the kind of camp we want to develop: Hardcore natural & harmony training, healthy lifestyle, and a family atmosphere of brotherhood.

Our tools were as numerous as our goals. At sunrise, we started with 1 hours of Internal Malay Silat Meditation of yoga & taichi conditioning (Melayu Breathing), followed by "Seni" soft style empty hand drills and conditionings (depending on the day). Then, the trainings were on Badek, Karambit and Golok, fighting Sarung, Pedang, Sundang, Kelewang, Parang, Belati, Rotan etc., along with Megats’ part on Malay Gi Gong, ancient Taichi and spiritual Kebatinan.

5Five evening conferences also took place during the camp:
- Break free from bad habits
- The impact of emotional traumas on your energy level
- Internal & External spiritual breathing
- Philosophy and Spirituality from a "Royale" perspective
- Posture correction and sports injuries prevention
- Self defense : The emotional and mental attitude

In addition to these already busy schedules, several students were to perform/ tested including SENI Artistic on "Bunga" and "Buah" and ranked by their instructors in front of everybody, including a Black Belt tests. If qualified students will received a Bengkung (belt of Sash)

At the end of the camp, we were very happy with the result. Students in the arm of one another, hugging, smiling, sharing their joy and happiness. A group was born. More than a group, a family. Beautiful people, beautiful place, beautiful camp and of course, a beautiful Silat ! Salam SilaTurahim

Megat A
Silat Melayu Kota DiRaja Kuala Kangsar 
RSPC Head Camp Instructor Team

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